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Capacity of 85 seats

Club Belvedere Restaurant

ARO Palace brings culinary flavors and freshness to the 8th floor to Restaurant Club Belvedere! Here Chef Reynaldo awaits you with a new concept: Carribean Cuisine that blends harmoniously with classical dishes prepared by the Master in Culinary Arts Ana Hermenean. In short, class, taste, flavor and tradition! 5 Stars! Thus, the Belvedere Restaurant offers a refreshing everyday ambience, a varied and rich menu, as well as a great aesthetic refinement in both presentation and serving. Our restaurant provides you with a stylish space, a modern kitchen carefully supervised by our chefs, as well as the bar of the venue with an impeccable service.

Reservations at 0268 442 044

or 0728 28 80 70

Club Belvedere Restaurant

Culinary Art Master – Ana Hermenean