How do we prepare our children for skiing

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If in last month’s article we talked about how to prepare for the first experience on the ski slope, in this article we set out to discover together how to prepare the little ones for a holiday in the mountains, on the ski slopes.

As in the case of adults, the training starts long before the holiday, for some months ahead.

The physical training

Exercise is very important for children aswell. And performing the routines in an organized setting will help the little ones to get used to a predetermined program. For example, before going out on the slope, the little ones will need some warm-up movements to get out on the slope, physically prepared.

The purpose of these exercises is to improve the flexibility of the leg muscles, to master the general balance (we recommend the exercises on a balance disc) and to accustom the body with an increased physical effort. Skiing is a demanding sport, regardless of age.

Gymnastics classes are very suitable, martial arts courses will teach children how important discipline is in sports. Or any other sport that your child is closer to. It is very important that the pre-ski holiday preparation is a pleasant one for your little one.

As in the martial arts and in skiing, it is very important to know how to fall. Once on the slope, the little ones can lose their balance in the first moments. That is why it is very important to prepare them for these possible imbalances and teach them how to quickly and safely recover from them. The exercises are very simple and can be practiced at home or outside in the snow. It is essential to get used to them and not consider them an impediment in practicing this beautiful winter sport.

Roller skates or ice skates are perfect for the balance lessons. They are recommended for all ages. Plus, in the case of ice skating, falls are common and it’s a good opportunity for the little ones to learn how to treat them.

The ski equipment

From the physical properties of the equipment, to the basic function of protection against low temperatures, the ski equipment is very important. If we are talking about boots and skis, in the case of children it is recommended to rent them. Children can upgrow in numbers from season to season, so it is much cheaper to use equipment from a rental center, suitable for the little one. As for the ski suit, it must be waterproof and as comfortable as possible. The comfort of the kids is reassuring for parents and is an extra reason for children to approach and love this sport!

Before going on vacation

In order to enter the atmosphere on the slope, you can watch several videos of Romanian or international ski schools, in order to acquaint the future learners with the presence of the ski monitor, the exercises they will do and what the ski school entails. The stories and personal experiences on the ski slopes are just as effective.

Choosing the right ski slope for children is just as important. In Poiana Brasov there is an area specially prepared for the first steps in skiing. In addition, there are various training programs for groups of children of various ages and levels of training or one-to-one, personalized lessons.

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