Mountain trails near Brașov

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This year, the outdoor activities have gained more and more followers. Whether we are talking about long walks and running tours in the park or getaways in the mountains, this year we got closet o the sports activities.

In this article we have selected some of the mountain routes near Brasov or Prahova Valley.

Brasov – Mount Tampa

From Brasov there are 4 routes to the top of Mount Tampa, with varying degrees of difficulty. They are: Serpentine Road, Knights Road, Gabony Steps and the route that leaves from Racadau neighborhood.

The Serpentine Road, 800 meters long, has the lowest degree of difficulty. It is the route marked in red and the one that starts from Aleea Brediceanu (the alley under Tampa). This route reaches the cable car, climbs the Serpentine Road and reaches the Panoramic Restaurant and Tampa Peak.

The Knights ‘Road, marked with a blue stripe, starts from the Weavers’ Bastion, and the final point is the Tampa Saddle, at the top of the mountain. This route is 2 kilometers long and continues to Poiana Brasov (a route of 3 hours in total).

Gabony’s steps are marked with a yellow triangle. The route includes 167 steps and is of great difficulty. The road to Tampa on Gabony’s steps takes an hour. On the route you will find lights from where you can admire Brasov.

Another route starts from Curmatura between Dealul Melurilor and Tampa, passes through Saua Tampei and climbs to the top of the mountain. The route is 2 kilometers long and is marked with a blue triangle.

Timisu de Jos – Timina Waterfall – Seven Stairs Canyon

Timisul de Jos is located 2 km from Brasov, on the Timis Valley, with the Postavarul Massif located to the northwest and the Piatra Mare Massif to the southeast. The Sapte Scari Canyon is located in the Piatra Mare Massif in the Baiului Mountains and can be traveled without special equipment. The route can be covered in about an hour. On the route you will find a zip line and some benches and tables suitable for a moment of breathing. The Sapte Scari Canyon will surprise you with a mini waterfall formed by the Seven Stairs stream that goes through the 7 massive steps. The canyon can be reached in 30 minutes. We recommend that you equip yourself with non-slip shoes, suitable for a mountain route.

Zarnesti – Botorog Fountain – Zanoaga Glade – Curmatura Chalet – Crapaturii Saddle – Piatra Mica Peak

The route has two markings: the yellow stripe to Chalet Curmatura, a blue dot to Poiana Zanoaga, the return being also on the yellow stripe.

The road starts from Zarnesti, located 27 km from Brasov, from Botorog’s Fountain. The road then climbs to Poiana Zanoaga, in a forest, followed by a glade that urges a relaxing stop. From here you will be able to admire the ridge of Pietrei Craiului and the western ridge of Bucegi. The route continues to Chalet Curmatura with a road of two hours or two and a half hours. From the chalet you climb steeply through the forest to the Crapaturii Saddle. On a road with climbing passages, the route reaches Piatra Mica Peak, then the Pietrei Mici ridge to the Carpathian Cross. The route then descends to Poiana Zanoaga.

And at the end of the mountain trails we are waiting for you at the Aro Palace hotel to serve a delicious dinner in our restaurant.