Visiting Brasov with kids

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Brasov has a lot to offer when we’re talking about tourist attractions. If for us, the adults, the Black Church and the Art Museum are places of interest, for the children the time spent at the classical tourist objectives can be boring. So, what can we visit with children in Brasov? Interesting places for the littles.

1. The natural parks of Brasov

Nature walks are the main attraction in Brasov. The trails adjacent to the Tampa Mountain are the first ones that come into mind. Another place we recommend is the park in the Noua neighborhood. The natural park was arranged around a lake where native bird species often stop. In the same neighbourhood you will fiind the local Zoo. The forest that borders the neighbourhood invites you to long of exploration into the nature.

2. The Park of Planes

Located close to the city center, the Park of Planes will become the favorite place for the little ones! Built in collaboration with Aerotec, the company that produces aviation components, the park has 3 central attractions: an Airbus plane with a length of 18 meters that the little ones can explore, a rocket and a control tower. The plane is equipped with a climbing wall, with swings attached to its wings and moving bridges.

3. The towers and bastions trail

A route suitable for all ages, which can be transformed into a treasure hunt among the towers and the bastions of the Old Center. Starting from the Schei Gate, positioned on the street of the same name, the route continues to Ecaterina Gate, towards to The Black Tower (a suitable place for a rest and a photo session). The wooded road of Warthe Promenade will take us to the White Tower, a very pleasant experience especially on hot summer days. Below the White Tower is the Graft Bastion. The route can continue to Tampa, where we will find the Weavers’ Bastion and the Promenade below Tampa.

4. The Citadel of Brasov

Another tourist attraction suitable for the little ones is the Citadel of Brasov. Located near the City Hall park, across the road from Aro Palace 5 *, the Citadel of Brasov is an unlimited source of stories. It can be the castle of a princess who needs the help of the whole army to be saved or the headquarters of a complex operation led by a smart general, who came to visit Brasov with his family! In addition, the Citadel of Brasov offers a panoramic view over Brasov that we simply cannot get enough of. The stories can continue with a hot chocolate served from the Belvedere Club, which is oriented right towards the Citadel!

5. Brasov’s theaters

The fascination of the stories continues in the plays staged by the actors from Brasov. The Strada Theater and the Harlequin Theater are suitable for the little ones. Periodically, the Opera from Brasov includes in its program sever plays suitable for children.

6. Superland – a playground for the little ones

Along with Zao Planet, Superland is a very generous indoor playground. The complex is arranged on several play areas, suitable for children of different ages, with different degrees of difficulty. Among the attractions that will entertain the juniors are ball pits, some climbing areas, slides, trampolines! Playgrounds are perfect for the colder days!

7. Park Aventura

For the warmer days we recommend you to visit the Aventura Park, the largest adventure park in the Eastern Europe. The park is located near the Zoo and offers the visitors 16 trails of progressive difficulty. The routes are positioned at different heights, suitable for children of different ages, from 4-year-old kids to teenagers over 16 years old. Access is limited for a certain number of hours, so organizing and establishing the routes you want to explore with the little ones before reaching the park will help you gain more time.

For all the families with children that to visit us we have prepared the family rooms, consisting of a double room with a double bed and a room with 2 twin beds, the rooms being connected by a door. Also for the little guests we have included in the restaurant menu delicious dishes that will be to the taste of the most demanding youngsters.

We are waiting for you, young and old, in Brasov, at Aro Palace 5 *.