The Policy of Processing Personal Data

The current information regarding the data privacy (Information) is applied to ARO-PALACE S.A., its branches and to all hotels included in ARO-PALACE (together named ARO-PALACE). At ARO-PALACE, we try in every way to deliver products, services and extraordinary experiences. We are glad that you are our client and we treasure your loyalty. We are aware for the fact that for every client, the privacy represents an important issue. We developed this Information for explaning our methods regarding the personal data we collect from you or about you from this site or from other applications / register forms, through written or verbal communications with us, when you visit one or more of our properties or from other sources.

Please note the fact that this Information is not available for processing personal data in the name of different third parties, like airline companies, rent-a-car companies or other companies that provides services, companies that organise or offers holiday packages, marketing partners or corporate clients.


There is a possibility that we collect personal data at every meeting or interaction with the clients, and from other aspects of our activities. These personal data are: your personal identification data, contact data, informations about the reservations, staying or your visit at a certain property, participation at a program as a member or as a loyal client, participation at competitions, sweepstakes or marketing programs (even that you are not staying at one of our hotels), informations about the purchasing and receiving our products and services, personal characteristics, nationality, the number of passport and the place of issuing, the travel history, informations regarding the purchase, like the credit card’s number and other informations about the card, and informations about the authentification and other billing details and associated accounts with the mobile billing system, preferences about the publicity and communications, informations about the vechicles that are possible to bring with you on the properties, reviews and opinions regarding our accomodation facilities (if they are identified or associated with you) and other types of informations that you choose to share with us or any information we can obtain from you.

It is possible that we request details about the clients, including their names. It also possible that we collect informations regarding conversations, including the recording or monitoring calls to the Client Service with the purpose of ensuring quality and for training, and also from other ways of communicating, like messages in the mobile applications and SMS.

Addtionally, we collect other personal data, in certain situations, like:

  • Polls. There is a possibility that we request demographic data or other personal data through the polls taken by clients;

  • Collecting data at the location. We collect more personal data during the registration/accomodation at our properties, inclusing the informations that can be requested by the law. We can also use recording camera or television with closed circuit and other security meassures at our properties that can record any image of the clients and visitors in public spaces, and informations about your location on our properties (using access cards and other technology). Is also possible that we use television with closed circuit and other technology that register that record audio or video for staff, clients and visitors’s protection in the cases permitted by law.

  • Informations about events. If you plan an event at us, we collect specific informations about the conference or the event, the date of the event, number of invites, details about accomodation spaces, and for corporate events, informations about your company (name, anual budget and number of sponsored events per year). Also, we collect data about the guests invited in the group or at the event. If you visit us through a group, it is possible that we have personal data about you that your group provided and we will send advertisement during your staying with the group or due of participating at an event, depending on your preferences and the law. If you visit us during an event, it is possible to send your personal data to the event organizers, according to the law. If you are an event organizer, it is possible we will send informations about your event to the third parties companies that can advertise their services, according to the law.

  • Social media. If you access our pages/accounts ARO-PALACE through the social media, we can collect certain informations from your account, depending on your account settings, and also about (without limiting to) location, accomondations, activities, interests, photographs, status and friend list. We can allow you, also, to participate in contests in which you must submit photographs, like photographs from the staying at our property, which you can share with the people you are friends on the social media for votes, common offers or other promotions.

Alongside the informations that we collect from you directly, we can also deduct informations about you based on the informations that you shared or other informations that we obtain.


It is possible that we collect data about you from the third parties, including data from our partners from airline companies, card companies and other partners, from the social media, consistent with the settings made by you for these services and from other third parties sources that are authorized to transfer your personal data. We use and share these informations (and we can add these informations to other informations that we own about you) in the purposes described in this Information.


We use personal informations in different purposes, including to offer and personalise the services that you request and expect from ARO-PALACE, to offer the expected level of hospitality in the room and anywhere on our property and to perform any direct activity for marketing and promotions, like how is mentioned below in details:

  • Service administration. We use your personal data to administrate the programs you will take part of, inclusing to offer access to your account informations, like the rewards status and offers for you, to fulfill services that are part of these programs, for allowing direct communications between ARO-PALACE properties, and in betweem ARO-PALACE portoflio and you, and for providing collecting.

  • Planning conferences and events. We can use your personal data to offer informations about the planning for a conference or event.

  • Marketing and communcation. It is possible that we use your personal data for offering or providing newsletters, promotions and special recommended offers, and other advertisement messages based on any preference regarding your communication. We use your personal data to provide messages during the staying, alerts about the account and other confirmations about the reservations, for sending marketing messages and for creating studies, sweepstakes, drawing lots and othher competitions. We can also provide these communcations through e-mail, mail, online publicity, social media, phone, text messages (SMS and MMS), notifications, messages in applications and other ways (including messages on property, like on the television in the room). With your consent, we can use the content from the user (like photographs) from the services provided from social media for publishing advertisement on our website and our applications. It is possible to collect data from your card, that can be associated with the personal data and used by ARO-PALACE and to present and/or send advertising messages targetted on the base of your payment method and based on your communication preferences.

  • Services improvement. We can use your personal data to improve the services provided from ARO-PALACE and for ensuring that our site, our products and our services will represent interest for you. We use your personal data also for offering the expected level of hospitality in the room and anywhere on our properties.

  • Correction, analyzing and personalising data. We can confirm personal data with the data from third parties sources with the purpose to actualize and analyze your informations. We also use informations from third parties to offer better and more personalised services. For example, if you connect your account on your social media or on our applications, we can use the informations to create your experience with us more personal and social, or we can share and to use like it is described in the present Information.


To offer the expected level of hospitality and to provide the highest quality of services, it is possible that we will transfer your personal data to our providers and to other third parties, like it is presented below:

  • Events in groups or meetings. If you visit ARO-PALACE through a group or a conference, informations requested for planning the meeting and the event can be shared with the event and meeting organizers, and, if there is the case, with the guests that organize or participate to meeting or event.

  • Business partners. We can associate with other companies to provide you services, products or offers based on your experiences on our properties and we can transfer the informations in proper way with our business partners. For example, we can arrange a rent for a car or providing other services from our business partners and, consenquelty, we can transfer your informations. We can also transfer your informations, like email address, to our tourism companies partners to support them in the studying compliances with tourism policies or participating in creating special tarrif plans or to get implied in the marketing of co-branding with our toursim companies partners. We can also work with third parties, like our airline companies or card companies partners, to allow us and our partners to provide advertisment to our common clients. In addition, we cam allow our third parties partners to recognize you when you visit their website or their applications, or to recognize you as a client when you visit ARO-PALACE website or applications, to provide relevant offers. It is possible to transfer a version of your email address in hash format to certain third parties, using available security meassures; they can associate with their own versions in hash format of your email address to send you online and through the email address adverstisement in our name.

  • Co-sponsors from promotions. We can co-sponsore promotions, lotteries, sweepstakes or other competitions with other companies or we can provide rewards for lotteries and competitions sponsored from other companies. If you participate at these lotteries or competitions, we can transfer your personal data with the colaborator sponsor or to third party sponsor.

  • Services at location. Is it possible to transfer informations to services providers inside our properties, like concierge services, spa treatments or estival dinners.

  • Service providers. We use third parties to provide services and products in our names and we can transfer your personal data with them, in properly way. Our service providers are bound in the contract to protect your personal data and they cannot use or share in any way, with the exceptions implied by law. With all that, our services of fraud detection providers can use, but not to share, data about you for the purpose of detectiving frauds. We can use the service providers to send you new services and offer promotional and commercial materials in our name, including online adverstisment on web and mobile based on your preferences and according to legislation applied. For more detailed informations, consult our Policy about the cookies. ARO-PALACE colaborate only with third parties that offer a method of unsubscribe from this type of publicity. We can transfer informations with our service providers to also allow you to create travels from selecting the sites, activities and restaurants from personalised lists based on your preferences and on informations obtained from third parties.

  • Commercial transactions. As we develop our business, we can sell, buy, reorganize or rebuild business or assests, or we can stop to administrate or to keep in franchise a hotel in our properties at the actual moment. In these circumstances, ARO-PALACE can transfer, sell or yield the collected data, including, without limit, Other Informations (mentioned below) and personal data, to one or more affliliated or non-affiliated third parties for the commercial transactions. To the extent that the law imposes it, we will provide a notification to our intention to transfer all personal data to the third parties in this purpose and we will explain the way in which you can refuse this transfer.

  • Other. Besides these situations, ARO-PALACE can reveal personal data for: (i) to respect the applied laws, (ii) to respond to governmental requests, (iii) to protect the rights, privacy, safety or the property of ARO-PALACE, the visitors or our site, the clients, staff or the public, (iv) to allow us to find solutions or to reduce the damages we can support, (v) to apply the terms and conditions to our sites and (vi) to respond to an emergency.


When you visit or interact with our websites and applications ARO-PALACE, we collect other informations that will not identify you directly in connection with the use of the site, like a catalog of websites you visit and the number of visits on our sites (Other informations). We use Other infromations, and also other data received from the this parties, for sending you emails and online advertisment (on our sites and other sites) and on mobile. We can use Other informations for allowing our third parties partners to recognize you as their client when you visit the websites and applications of ARO-PALACE, with the purpose to provide you more relevant offers.

We also use cookies and other technology (like pixel tags, web beacons, transparent GIFs, links in emails, JavaScript, IDs from devices connected on Google, Facebook, Apple or other similar technologies) to collect these informations. If you wish to delete or block in any moment cookies from your device, you can update the settings from your browser (consult the help menu to find out how to delete or block cookies). ARO-PALACE is not responsible for the settings of your browser. You can find proper instructions regarding using the cookies on many browsers on For more informations, consult our policy for cookies.


The termen for sensible informations is refering to informations about your racial or ethnic origin, your political views, religion or philosophical beliefs, the role in a syndicate, health, your sexual life or sexual orientation, genetical informations, criminal history and other biometric data used for unique identification. Generally, we do not collect sensible informations. We can use data regarding your health provided by you to serve you better and to fulfill special needs (for example, providing access for people with special needs).


We do not collect personal informations about persons under 18 years. In the role of a parent or guardian, we ask you to not allow your children to transfer any personal data without your permission.


Our websites and mobile applications can contain links to websites from third-parties. Remember that we do not assume the responsability for collecting, using, keeping, sharing or revealing any data or informations coming from any of these third parties. In the situation in which you use or provide informations on the sites from third parties, terms and privacy policy will be applied to these websites. We advice you to read the privacy policy of the websites that you visit before sending any personal data.

ARO-PALACE can associate with a limited number of Internet providers, to offer access to Internet to our clients. Using the internet services on the property will be under the terms and privacy policy to the Internet providers. You can access the terms and privacy policies using the links on the authentification website of the respective service, or visit the website of the internet provider.


ARO-PALACE will take any meassure to: (i) protect personal informations from unauthorized access, from revealing or destroying them and (ii) to keep precise personal data and update them when its needed. We request to our partner third parties which we share personal data to take any meassure to keep the privacy of our personal informations about you. For online transactions, we use proper technological meassures to protect personal informations that you can send through our sites. But, unfortunately, no security system or transfer system for data on internet can ensure the safety of your personal data.

For the protection of your private life, we advice you to not send us the number of your credit card or any private informations through the email.

We will not contact you through messages or texts or emails to ask you privacy informations or details about the credit card. We will ask you the deials about the card only on call when you will make a reservation.


We can associate with other companies outside Romania to provide you products, services or offers based on your experiences on the properties and we can share informations properly with our business partners. We will not transfer any personal data outside European Union.


According to legislation, you will benefit the right to access, on intervention on data, the right to oppose, the right to delete the data, the right to data portability, the right to not be submitted on a automatic decision and the right to address to the justice. You can request us to inform you about the personal data we keep, and in any necesasry cases you can ask us to update, correct and/or delete any personal data that we keep in our database. We will make any modification and update needed in the right time specificed by the law and, in any case permitted by law, we can request a tax to cover any cost to respond to the request. Please send any of the requests at

To protect your privacy, we can respond to any of these requests to the email address you registered or you provided us in other methods. Remember that in any case you request to delete data, it is possible to not offer you high quality and variety to services you are used to.

Also, in any situations, depending on the legislation, you can request us to stop sending personal data to our partners business or you can request to ARO-PALACE to stop using personal data, writing to our address email, mentioned above. We will try to take your request, in accordance with the legistlation.


We keep your personal data on the time period needed to fulfill the explained purposes in this Information, if a longer time period for keeping them is not neccesary or allowed by the law.

We will destroy any personal data as soon as possible and in a way to not be recovered or found again.

If the personal informations are on a paper, it will be destroyed in a safe way, by burning them paper, or in other way, if they are on any device, they will be destroyed through technical way, to ensure that the informations will not be recovered.


If you provided us any contact informations (postal address, fax number, email address or phone number), it is possible that we will inform you, in any prefered way, and with your permission in necessary case, about our products and services or to invite you to any event through emails, online advertisement, social media, phone, text messages (SMS and MMS), automatic notifications, alerts in applications, mail, our help center for clients and other ways (including messaging at our place, like the TV in the room).

If you prefer to not receive any more of the publicity materials through email, you can select the unsubscribe option from email that you receive from us. Unsubcribe requests can take up to 10 business days to be validated.

To unsubscribe from text messages, communicate with the reception of the hotel that you wish to not receive any messages anymore from the hotel or respond to the messages with the text STOP.

You can control our applications to not send any notification anymore by changing the settings from the phone. If we send any message in application, we will allow the control of them through the settings of our applications.


It is possible to bring any modification to this Information periodically. If we will make any modification to this Information, we will publish a link to this Information on our page of the website, and if you registered for any of our products or services, we will inform you through any communication way regarding them. You can find about the last update of Information by accessing the link and the date from the Information. Any change of the Information will enter in the moment of its reviewing on our site.