Spa & Wellness Center

Join the relaxation in the pampering oasis where the mind, body and soul together are detaining in complete harmony!

A space designated to recreate, in the right heart of Brasov, is the ultimate facility that enjoys Aro Palace Hotel guests.

Therefore, you can spoil yourselves with a nice massage, play in the swimming pool, rest in the aroma of the saunas or work-out at the perfectly equipped fitness area.

You can always enjoy our hydrotherapy, cardio-fitness, spinning, just ask the reception what is new.

Schedule & pricing

Spa Procedures & Treatments

Lomi Lomi massage

This massage is an ancient form of relaxation, practiced by Hawaiian natives. Lomi Lomi means caring arms and it works easily and profound the muscles with deep and measured moves of forearm. You just need to relax and abandon yourself in the hands of the healing master.

Procedure time: 50 mins.

Relaxation massage

Indulge your body with this ample and profound massage, with easy to medium pressure, helped by essential oils; let yourself surrounded by natural aromas and expert touch for a pure relaxation and inner peace.
Procedure time: 50 min.

Care massage

Old massage techniques that apply specific procedures and manoeuvres in order to activate blood flood at every level, to accomplish a nice elastic skin and joints, to relax muscles for a healthy body. Enjoying this care massage will fling away tiredness by exciting the nervous and hormonal systems. Our massage experts recommend this care massage at least once a week, to maintain an optimal functioning state of your mind and body.
Procedure time: 30 min.

Partial massage

This special type of massage is recommended to release the tension in certain sensitive areas: head, neck, back or legs. Our massage experts use antiphlogistic oils and creams.
Procedure time: 30 min.

Anticellulite massage

This profound and deep massage is very efficient in remodeling deep tissue, smoothing the skin and getting rid of the orange peel aspect on abdomen, buttocks, legs or arms. Our massage experts use special creams stimulating blood flood, eliminating toxins and reducing excess fluids in designated areas.
Procedure time: 30 min.

Therapeutic massage

This type of massage represents a treatment method for various illnesses. Its effects apply to skin, muscles, nervous fascicles, joints, endocrine system and internal organs.
Procedure time: 30 min.

Reflexo therapy

Pressure and specific massage on reflex points suitable for vital organs reduces stress and stimulates blood flood locally and also on that suitable organ or system. Detoxing and rebuilding the energy equilibrium, reflexogen massage acts on sensitive points of the foot.
Procedure time: 30 min.

Lymph drainage

Natural efficient procedure in order to stimulate the lymph flood, it takes effect all over the body. The smooth and measured hand massage stimulates the muscles of lymph vessels. The effects are astonishing, eliminating lymph edemas, significantly smooths cellulite, enhances immunity system, improves flood problems, constipation or pains. Lymph drainage is, in fact, revitalizing the entire body.
Procedure time: 45 min.

Body peeling and exfoliating

Body peeling is used to prepare skin in order to benefit on entire force and concentration of the following treatment. It is also known as gommage, a complete derma purifying, detox, nourishing and hydrating treatment.
The main role of the exfoliating procedure is to delicate get rid of dead cells on the skin surface and to improve blood flood. It results also a smooth, soft skin.
Procedure time: 30 min.

Aroma Relax

Hot oil massage brings along a deep body relaxation, senses revitalization by aromatherapy, and an entire and excellent wellness for body and mind.
Procedure time: 50 min.

In order to offer best quality services and memorable experience, please take note the following:

1. Scheduling
We recommend that all services to be scheduled in advance, to make sure the therapist is available according to your best time for procedure. Please confirm that in advance dialing 0268478800 from outside, or simply dial 9 from your hotel room.

2. Arrival
We suggest Spa & Wellness Center arrival at least 15 minutes before scheduled time.

Prior to therapy, you will be asked to fill a medical evaluation form. Please announce reception or therapists of any medical problem you suffer, allergies, accidents will be also addressed. This is important so the treatment of therapies not to harm your medical condition.
In case of delay, our therapists will be forced to shorten your procedure time.

3. Spa outfit
Please get rid of your jewelries, vestments, keeping on just the underclothes. There are available private dressing rooms, bath robes, towels, disposable slippers. For some procedures our therapists will offer you disposable underclothes. If your procedure implies water therapy, it is necessary that you wear a bathing suit.
You are kindly asked that on your way out, to the Reception, to leave your used towels.

4. Behaviour and silence
In order to ensure our guests an relaxing ambient, please reduce noises. We kindly ask you to use phones on silent mode, only for messages and internet surfing.

5. Valuables
We recommend keeping valuables in room safe or at the hotel Reception. Our Spa & Wellness Center does not take responsibility for personal object loss or deterioration during procedures.

6. Cancelling Policy
In case you do not arrive for a programmed procedure, please announce any modify or cancel of appointment at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled time, in order to avoid the 50% price penalty. Treatments and procedures might be rescheduled only if available time.

7. Payment
Spa & Wellness services are to be paid at Spa Reception, or can be added to your room invoice.

Bookings & Contact

Please call us at +40 268 478 800 in order to book your favorite SPA treatment.


Masuri de siguranta

We all wish for treatments, massages and wellness in a nice, pampering and comfortable atmosphere. But we also take responsibility.

Therefore, for the moment, due to Sars-Cov2 pandemic, Aro Palace Hotel Spa & Wellness Center is closed for an undetermined period of time.

In case you want to be promptly informed with the latest news regarding Aro Palace Hotel Spa & Wellness Center and its activity, please submit newsletter form on home page, or send us an email at and we will let you know as soon as epidemic situation is changed.

Until that moment comes, please enjoy other hotel and restaurant available facilities.