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Wellness & SPA

The “Wellness & SPA” Recreational & Sports Center

Come to relax! We offer you an oasis where you can pamper yourself in a relaxing atmosphere where the mind, body and soul relax and harmonize.

A recreation area in the middle of the city’s tumble, which complements the facilities of the Aro Palace Complex.

Thus, you can relax in the massage parlors, the semi-Olympic swimming pool, the sauna with the inviting scent of steam or in the fitness room equipped with modern equipment.

The Wellness & SPA Recreation and Sports Center offers the following facilities: hydrotherapy, massage, cardio fitness, fitness, spinning, sauna and swimming pool.

Hotel Clients have free access!


The subscription includes access to the pool, sauna and fitness.

INDIVIDUAL subscription – 450 lei /month /10 entries

MAXI subscription – 3000 lei /month /10 entries

PROMO entry – 50 lei/day

JUNIOR entry for childern under 14 years old (valid only with the attendant) – 30 lei/day

Massage (30 minutes) – 65 lei

Mud packs (45 minutes) – 65 lei

Massage + mud packs (60 minutes) – 130 lei

Hydromassage (30 minutes) – 65 lei


  • Monday – Sunday between 07:30 – 22:30

Additional information: SPA reception.

Lomi Lomi Massage

It is an ancient massage form practiced by the Polynesian indigenous people of Hawaii. Lomi Lomi means loving arms, being a massage that works the muscles smoothly and deeply with continuous movements, the guest relaxing and abandoning himself in the master’s hands.

Massage with volcanic rocks

Offers spectacular results in relaxing, balancing and rejuvenating the body. The application of stones of different sizes extends from the extremities to the meridian side of the body, on the main energy centers.

Massage maintenance

It is advisable to do it at least once a week (preferably 2 sessions / week) and aims to keep the body in an optimal state of operation.

Anticellulite massage

It acts against cellulite, detracting from the so-called “orange peel” on the hips, abdomen and buttocks. Massage with reducing creams and essential oils improves the suppleness and elasticity of the skin, activating the blood circulation.

Aroma relax

Hot oil massage results in relaxing the whole body and revitalizing stimuli through aromatherapy, imparting an excellent state of well-being.

Partial massage

This type of massage is especially used to relieve pain accumulated in sensitive areas: head, neck, joints. The products used in this type of massage are creams and anti-inflammatory oils.


It energizes and revitalizes the body, relaxing the muscles and stimulating the blood circulation through the action of the water jet. The healing power of the water strengthens the immune system, giving strength to the body and relieving it.

Lymphatic drainage

Remedies against cellulite, water retention and toxins, lymphatic drainage releases the body from stress, improves circulation and general immunity, giving a feeling of total revitalization of the body.

Therapeutic Massage

It is a method of treating various diseases. Its effects are felt in the skin, muscles, nerves, blood, lymph and, indirectly, in the endocrine glands, internal organs and joints.

Underwater shower

The secret of this type of massage is the use of water jets, doubled by the therapist’s skill. The intense action of water eludes pain, detoxifies the body and stimulates blood circulation, having a toning, relaxing and energetic effect.

Aromo-therapeutic massage

Use oils with healing properties, relax, detoxify, energize, refresh and revitalize. Depending on the oils used, the massage stimulates the lymphatic and stimulatory system, eliminates toxins, creates a profound state of relaxation and stimulation.

Relaxation massage

It alleviates tension, stress, soothes pain, relaxes strained muscles and removes apathy. Massage, above all, gives a feeling of well-being. Effects of relaxation massage: helps eliminate toxins; improves blood circulation; increases skin elasticity; eliminates accumulated fatigue; maintains good health.

Mud compresses

Massage with mud

Massage + mud packs


Bdl. Eroilor, no. 27-29, Brasov – Romania

Monday – Sunday between 07:30 and 22:30

Tel: + 40 268 478 800
Fax: + 40 268 478 889
Email: spa@aro-palace.ro