Is this your first ski trip? There are many things you need to consider before reaching your chosen destination, so we have gathered some ideas to make your preparation process easier. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about accommodation, the Aro Palace 5 * hotel, located near Poiana Brasov, is a perfect choice for families with children, couples or groups of friends who want to spend a few days on the slope.

Skiing is as relaxing as it is demanding on your body. For this reason, the first point in our guide is:

Physical training

Our recommendation is to consider a physical training plan that starts at least 2 months before departure. As we mentioned before, skiing is a demanding sport, as is climbing a mountain. And if we take into account the low temperatures and high altitudes, added to the routine physical effort, a perfect day at skiing can turn into one with an unpleasant end. A muscle fever can take the place of beautiful memories on the slope and will definitely give you a wrong impression about this sport.

Cardio exercises will help you cope with low pressures at high altitudes, where the amount of oxygen is lower. Because most of the muscles used in skiing are internal rotators, or balance, in short, it takes time and effort to train them. Although classic fitness helps, from 0 to 1 it is still an infinite increase, we recommend that you resort to physical training and balance boards or even to do a few football matches or squash rounds (sports that require rapid movements and changes of direction).

Also, to get used to the feeling of sitting on a moving object quite unusual (such as skis) and difficult to handle at first glance, a skating rink is recommended. Ice skating helps you get over the feeling of unsafe terrain and start skiing more safely. For more advanced skiers, horseback riding, mountain biking and gymnastics contribute to the development of coordination and balance. Learning balance takes time, but it will definitely improve your skiing skills.

Muscle flexibility

Muscle and tendon flexibility is important. At low temperatures the muscles are stiffer, react slowly and reduce the range of motion. Developing flexibility through regular stretching exercises before your skiing holiday will help you on the slopes. Also, it can mean that a fall from the first day on the slope (which could otherwise ruin your vacation) is nothing but a minor incident, without negative effects. Don’t forget to do some warm-up and stretching exercises before skiing, and the preparation you did before the holidays will definitely pay off.

The skis

If you have your own skis, make sure they are in the parameters. Applying a good layer of wax and sharpening the edges are some basic things that we recommend you consider before putting them back in the circuit. It is also a good idea, a few days before the holidays, to ask a professional technician to do a safety check of your skis. This way you will be reassured that you will not encounter any inconveniences on the top of the mountain, from a small detail that could be repaired quickly at home!

The boots

If you don’t already have your own equipment, buy boots first, not skis. Make sure they are professional (from a specialty store) – plus it can be helpful to observe someone who is good at mounting boots (especially if you are preparing for your first skiing experience).

Although it may seem like a big investment (at first glance), it is very important to have boots that fit correctly, and, especially, to be adjusted to the needs of your feet. Flexibility is important in this case as well; if they are too rigid they can prevent you from applying the learned skiing techniques correctly.

The boots have three main components, all of which can be customized by a good technician: the inner boot, the outer casing and the foam sock (which comes in direct contact with the foot). Although most ski boots include a standard inner sock, many companies offer customized alternatives, and a counselor at a good ski shop can advise you if they are worth buying.

When renting, ask for some boots that are not too rigid or too big: the shoe shell must match your ski level (and flexibility, too). In Poiana Brasov you will definitely find the right boots. In fact, in Brasov there are many specialty stores where you can buy the boots and skis you want and fit!

The right clothes

A good ski suit can make the difference between skiing all day in complete comfort and giving up before lunch. That state of comfort presupposes that the body temperature is normal, not overheated (from the effort you will warm up anyway).

Today, the technology used to create ski equipment is very advanced and that is why it is important to choose equipment from a specialized company, even if it will be a little more expensive. Wool underwear, especially Merino, is better than cotton. If you’re unsure about skis, a new outfit can improve your mood – so you have a good excuse to pamper yourself with one.

And let’s not forget the safety on the slope! Whatever type of ski clothing you choose, don’t forget the ski helmet and the related glasses!

What to take on the slope

Once on the slope, it is very important to have water bottles, energy bars, to use when needed. The effort can be considerable and you will be thankful for them later. We also recommend that you include some items for medical use (a small first aid kit would be best).

Download the map of the area where you want to ski before reaching the slope, your smartphone or your paired watch. Although it may seem old-fashioned, a compass will be very helpful! Plus, don’t forget the external battery!

Where are you staying?

Located 12 km from Poiana Brasov, Aro Palace 5 * is the perfect option for a skiing holiday. We offer 195 rooms (standard double, executive, family rooms, junior suites, apartments or even the Presidential Apartment) equipped with air conditioning, TV, central heating and coffee and tea maker. Our restaurant will pamper you with the dishes prepared by the team coordinated by Lady Chef Cornelia Ghisoi, and Club Belvedere invites you to a relaxing après-ski.

We are waiting for you to ski this winter too!

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